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What we do for you


Ready For Social™, our “Set it & Forget it” curated content delivery platform for sales teams.


We provide in-person and LMS training on the latest social selling strategies.


Done-for-you, industry-best content for your target markets and social copy all ready to share at the click of a button. We also have multi-lingual capabilities.


We provide the data you need to measure your selling efforts against your overall business goals and

Why we do

Reason one

Courseware is not enough.

Social selling requires the right content, displayed to the right people, recording the right data, in order to see progress in your marketing efforts.

Reason two

Time is scarce.

Marketers are too busy to devise and run separate campaigns for Sales to execute on social platforms. We can do that for you based on your needs and feedback from Sales.

Reason three

Prove your ROI.

No other platform provides the analytical details that measure the exact ROI of your social selling efforts.

Meet the team


Sander Biehn founded Thought Horizon based on principles he learned during his 17-year career at a major telecom provider. For over 3 years Thought Horizon has helped organizations to build, manage and succeed using social selling.
Sander created the Ready For Social™ platform to enable B2B sales and marketing teams to work together to create content and engagement with target markets and customers.
Sander holds a provisional patent in Social Media and has published a book on workplace innovation entitled, The 30 Year Paycheck.
Sander loves amateur geology and astronomy. He graduated from Duke University with a degree in Philosophy and Classical Studies. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children.


Milan Ruzicka is passionate about helping sales and marketing teams discover the opportunity of social selling. He uses his 15+ years of B2B marketing and management experience and founded ReadyForSocial together with Sander Biehn. He is passionate to keep making the Thought Horizon social selling method better and better by fact-based, data-driven improvements. Milan loves technology, gaming, skiing and books (non-fiction and military sci-fi as a guilty pleasure). He lives in The Hague with his wife Monika and son Milan Philipp.


Josh counts it a privilege to serve as Operations Director alongside the experienced Thought-Horizon team.
Josh understands the potential for Thought-Horizon clients to grow their influence and develop key relationships through social selling. He ensures the right systems are in place to keep a growing customer base delighted with results.
Before joining Thought-Horizon, Josh served with Teach For America and taught science and technology with Atlanta Public Schools. He also served as Vice President of Operations and Marketing with an Atlanta based non-profit.
Josh graduated from Spring Arbor University with a degree in biology and received a Master’s degree from Full Sail University. He loves coming home to his wife and four children at their home near Atlanta.


Amber is the manager of social media accounts and web content with expertise in building and managing end-to-end content for clients to assist and meet the desired ROI.
Amber manages social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities including developing relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers. Create, curate, and manage all published content (images, video and written content on a daily basis). I am responsible for overseeing the content that appears on our website and client websites. She manages a great team of content producers for Thought Horizon.
Amber graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College with a B.A. in Business Administration. She enjoys reading, coaching gymnastics, going to the gym, and traveling the world.
Amber’s ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment makes her a key member of the Thought Horizon team.


Monika has vast experience in marketing and B2B sales. Her background spans everything from startups to global wholesale markets, and from industries as diverse as transportation and telecom.
Her duties include running European business development along with product management of the Ready For Social™ software for social sellers.
She holds degrees from the University of Applied Science, Bremen, Euromed Management, Marseille, France and Thunderbird School of Global Management.
Monika brings a deep knowledge of business and a strong discipline in product management to the table for Thought Horizon.


Kate is the White Glove account manager that excels in customer relations and going the extra mile to make sure clients get the truth and insight knowledge on products while also having a memorable experience.
Her main focus at Thought Horizon is to promote the company as well as track metrics involving social media and internal content that is produced. She also focuses on content creation, digital marketing and helping clients attain more engagement.
Kate recently graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College with a BBA in Marketing. She enjoys traveling, modeling and acting, exercising, and volunteering at local animal shelters.
Kate enjoys interacting with clients and people in dynamic environments and helping to provide them a knowledgeable experience while also maintaining a professional yet relatable and relaxed environment. She could not be more excited being a part of Thought Horizon!


Prior to joining the Thought Horizon Team, Tom spent the past 13 years with T-Mobile USA, Inc. In his last role, Tom led all new business acquisition, customer growth, and retention efforts in the F1000 segment in the Midwest and South with over $390M in revenues under contract. Tom has an exceptional reputation for being a visionary sales and executive leader and Customer advocate.  Tom is relentless in his efforts to develop and implement sound strategies, impeccable standards, and repeatable processes that result in dramatic results and brilliant business partnerships.


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