Turn Social Leads into Customers

What is Social Selling

Social selling is strategic approach of engaging with your target market and industry influencers through content marketing, circulated across the world’s largest social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The whole purpose of content marketing is to educate your target market on opportunities about new products to solve their pain areas, establish credibility and trust for your brand, and be a thought leader in your respective industry.

B2B Buyer’s behavior has changed fast

Research shows that 92% of B2B buyers are doing research online

57% of the buying journey is done before a sales rep is involved

75% of B2B buyers now use social media to research vendor

86% companies will manage relations without human contact in 2020

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Phases of Social Selling

1. Prospecting

Gaining awareness and interest using social media has been a tired and true tactic since the inception of outbound marketing. Social selling lends itself to getting prospects to think of you first when they want to buy.

Many social sellers think they should not be calling prospects in the early phases of the sale.
They are wrong.

If a prospect shows interest by interacting with your content or downloading a white paper from a blog landing page, it is time to call! Don’t expect a one call close, though. Establishing yourself as a real person, available to answer questions, is essential for progressing the sale once the prospect is ready to buy. A simple introductory call can give you a reason to connect deeper with your prospect. For example, they may be ready to become a connection on LinkedIn where you can connect on a more personal level using social selling.

2. Evaluation

Once a prospect has shown interest in a proposal, they are asking for a one-to-one relationship. Don’t try to make a point of continuing to use social selling when you have already been given unfettered access to the prospect. Take advantage of open access.

This doesn’t mean you stop posting interesting and compelling content, it just means you should pick up the phone and drop an email first before you reach out again via social media

3. Quiet Phase

Once a prospect goes into a final evaluation they may ‘go dark’ on you while they make the final decision. During this period, you need to use all available channels in an expert fashion. Your cadence of phone, email and social posts need to be subtle and work in concert with each other reminding the prospect why they should buy from you.

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