Thought Horizon CEO Completes Third eBook

Sander Biehn, founder and CEO of Thought Horizon, just completed his third eBook: A Blueprint for Integrating Social Media into Sales and Marketing.

“Account-based sales is very popular right now,” said Biehn. “This eBook answers the question, ‘How do both Sales and Marketing work together to create results using social media?”

Other topics in the book include the following:

  • What prevents Sales and Marketing in succeeding with social?

  • Why does even persistent social selling training often fail to move the needle on revenues?

  • Where should organizations start when implementing a social selling strategy?

These questions and more are explored through enterprise case studies in the eBook.

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About Thought Horizon and ReadyForSocial

Thought Horizon is the world’s first full-service social selling agency. By combining training, program management, content strategy and the ReadyForSocial platform, Thought Horizon has revolutionized social selling for Enterprise customers. More information can be found at

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