What Do We Do?

Recognized by Forrester as one of the elite SoSe innovators, Thought Horizon offers a comprehensive Social Selling program designed to empower B2B sales teams & Sr. Executives.   We make them visible & relevant in an increasingly digital marketplace, enriching the prospect/client/vendor partner journey in the process.   

Master Agent Conference: 

Please join Co-Founders Sander Biehn & Milan Ruzicka for a spirited session on Thought Horizon, all things Social Selling for B2B & becoming a Master Agent

Our Secret Sauce?

Please register BEFORE June 5th

Our proprietary ReadyForSocial software provides sales teams a consistent and ongoing social media presence on LinkedIn & Twitter while saving them valuable time, keeping them relevant & active within their network including their prospects & existing clients. 

 The software and services outsource the task of finding, creating & regularly posting on social media while giving users an individualized appearance.  Services for Sr. Executives is separate & unique as it is managed in a White Glove, Concierge type way with extreme care & with a very hands on multi-touch approach.

June 6th, 2018   -  12PM  CDT

Meet The Hosts!

Milan Ruzicka

Sander Biehn 

Sander Biehn
  • Lives in Atlanta, Georgia USA 
  • 25 years of B2B Sales experience at AT&T
  • $47M Case Study for social selling in 2013
  • Lives in Den Haag, The Netherlands
  • 15 years of B2B Marketing experience at #Telekom
  • 4 turnarounds in as many countries on 2 continents

Thought Horizon @ a Glance

• Use of the platform by each individual Sales Professional - Avg. 80%+ Adoption

• Number of engagements and click throughs to the URLs in the content shared

• How the marketing content is performing and being dispersed based on social media shares by sales

• Additional reporting available and presented at QBRs or upon request against key KPIs

Founded in 2014, Thought Horizon is a full service Social Selling and Enablement firm with patented methods, IP, and technologies. Our core market is Large Enterprise B2B Companies servicing clients in over 13 countries. Thought Horizon’s mission is to enrich buyer/seller relationships in an increasingly digital environment by implementing enhanced Social Media and Social Selling strategies. This is accomplished by leveraging our thought leadership, tools, IP, and methods with the goal of driving dramatic results and increased productivity, engagements, and ultimately revenues and retention.


• Creates more frequent and ongoing “touches”

• Establishes credibility in the broader vertical/industry ecosystem

• Highlights issues the Client’s solution(s) solve

• Positions Sales Professionals & Executives as a Thought Leaders

• Provides a level of polish and sophistication buyers respect and expect

• Allows new or ramping Sales Professionals to be active and relevant immediately