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Enter into a competition for 50% off popular Master Class, worth $5,000. We will pick 6 winners, starting Apr 7th.

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Learn How Social Media Can Help B2B Enterprise Sales and Marketing

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About this Master Class

Ideal to inspire your team during Sales Kick-Off, 2018 is the year of B2B social selling.

Your team will learn about:

  • Why Social Selling
  • The Basic Techniques of Social Selling
  • Personal Branding and Social Media Profiles

And walk away with:

  • 1 month social selling plan: tips, actions, and tools to drive credibility and interest to your customers and prospects

Hours Long

Countries Covered


1800 +

Graduations Achieved


Sander Biehn

Meet the speaker!

Lives in Atlanta, Georgia USA 

25 years of B2B Sales experience at AT&T

$47M Case Study for social selling in 2013

Sander Biehn

#SocialSelling SaaS content distribution platform for LinkedIn and Twitter; enabling and measuring success

Relevant content individualized at the enterprise and personal level, connecting sales and marketing with customers 

Programmatic approach synthesizing training, continued-learning and motivation

We help B2B sellers sell on social media. Effectively, sustainably.

With our help, everybody is driving awareness for their company and getting more leads for themselves.

Thought Horizon customers experience 10% leads increase after 9 months.

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Ready to learn how social media can help B2B sales and marketing?

We'll help you improve your business in just a couple of hours while taking our amazing workshop!

Rules of The Game

1. Free Master Class is  available for enterprise sales and marketing teams (generally 20+ salespeople) operating in B2B 


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4. The Master Class has to be redeemed until June18th, 2018 

5. The competition ends on Apr 13th, 2018