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Five Social Selling Sales Hacks You Need to Know

Here it is. The definitive list for anyone looking to hack social selling. These tips and tactics can work for even the newest social seller. So, strap in and let’s take a little walk down Sales Hack Boulevard! Hack #1: Keep your face in front of your buyer Take a...

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Getting Ready for a New Job on LinkedIn

Getting Ready for a New Job on LinkedIn When the market correction hits, what’s your career strategy on LinkedIn? As a social selling company, we often ignore one of the main reasons LinkedIn has become so big for professionals: It’s potential to steer us in the...

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Did Social Selling Just Get Harder in 2018?

With more sellers using social media than ever, is it possible that your prospects might be blocking your content in the near future? This is the topic of a recent post by Liz Ryan on Forbes.  Her article on the 10 reasons to block a connection starts with: “The...

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Authenticity: Gotta Get Me Some!

While salespeople struggle to appear ‘authentic’ to their prospects and customers, the most effective tools inside social media for getting there lie strangely dormant to salespeople. Few sales training these days don’t include a chapter on being yourself or being...

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Twitter Does a 280 for B2B Sellers

Without too much fanfare, Twitter doubled the size of its messages this past autumn from 140 characters to 280.  Why is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they want to better compete with Facebook? Or maybe they are trying to keep more of the dialog on the Twitter platform? ...

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Framing Your Value Proposition Using Content

If getting your point across to your audience is so easy, why is it that too few brands seem to hit that mark? Contrary to conversations in real life, blogs and online articles are entirely one-sided communication.  It should be so easy to get the point across. After...

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Set A Goal With Your Content

The best content marketing campaigns are easy to measure. They create engagement with the sales teams who share that content.  They offer thought leadership to your sales teams and, in turn, create relationships and signed deals. So why is it that so much content...

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Creating Targeted Content Marketing

The biggest problem with Content Marketing in 2017? It’s not targeted enough. Stay focused, people! For the most part, content created by B2B marketers falls short of gaining interest with the most likely prospects. But it not because it lacks videos or infographics....

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3 Way to Social Sell Using Twitter

Twitter can play a real and substantial role in the sales funnel. While not every decision-maker or executive is on Twitter, more and more are joining each day. Additionally, Twitter is probably the least intrusive of all business social media platforms when it comes...

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Dog Years in Social Media: How Things Have Changed!

  I started Thought Horizon 4 years ago this November. Social Selling has changed in some major ways during that time. I wanted to examine those changes and what they tell us about where social selling is going in the next 4 years. 4 years ago, it was easy to surround...

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The Single Biggest Mistake Content Marketers Make

Your Sales team is a secret weapon to target content with prospects and buyers. With most marketers saying that they are planning to spend more time and resources on content marketing in 2017, you’d think that efficiency in content delivery would be a priority. So why...

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Time: Friend or Foe for the Social Seller?

So, what’s the top objection to social selling raised by salespeople?  Why aren’t they turning to social media to accelerate selling? Not enough time. I have felt the burn. When I began in social selling I was so busy writing, finding content, figuring out how to...

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A Cure for Failing Sales Teams

Recently, Inc Magazine identified the top culprits that topple success for any business to business (B2B) sales team. In this post, I am going to prescribe some help and comfort to many of the symptoms outlined in Inc Magazine. Social media may not be a cure-all for...

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