The Single Biggest Mistake Content Marketers Make

Your Sales team is a secret weapon to target content with prospects and buyers. With most marketers saying that they are planning to spend more time and resources on content marketing in 2017, you’d think that efficiency in content delivery would be a priority. So why...

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Time: Friend or Foe for the Social Seller?

So, what’s the top objection to social selling raised by salespeople?  Why aren’t they turning to social media to accelerate selling? Not enough time. I have felt the burn. When I began in social selling I was so busy writing, finding content, figuring out how to...

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A Cure for Failing Sales Teams

Recently, Inc Magazine identified the top culprits that topple success for any business to business (B2B) sales team. In this post, I am going to prescribe some help and comfort to many of the symptoms outlined in Inc Magazine. Social media may not be a cure-all for...

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3 Reasons Content is Going Mainstream in Marketing

Content Marketing seems to just get more and more important every day. What started with a major rebirth in the digital space about 10-15 years ago, has blossomed into something even bigger. Distribution via social media has had a lot to do with it. So, even if your...

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How to Keep Writer’s Block at Bay

Oh, snap! Time to blog again and your mind goes blank. The commitment your company has made to regular content marketing is quickly falling by the wayside. All because you can’t find the words to put on a page about your core business strategies. Don’t let writer’s...

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What’s Up with the Latest LinkedIn Release?

A few weeks back LinkedIn rolled out their latest release which amounted to a major hat tip to Facebook. The undisputed king of social media money-making holds great sway over the other social channels hoping to be as profitable and praying not to be made superfluous...

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Social Selling Can Kick-Start Your Career

Even winning sales people can feel undervalued. Shhhhh! Here’s a secret: The key to a truly rewarding career is to post more than just results. Finding novel ways to sell is as important to your career as the quota you wrestle to the ground. Social selling definitely...

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Are You Overselling on Social Media?

The dreaded oversell! You’re pushing too hard. Looking to create a lead out of thin air and fill your funnel. So, you send that one additional unwanted email or leave a message with that hurried sales pitch. In the end, you are only harming yourself. Don’t do it.  But...

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Implementing a social selling program

Building an air-tight return on investment for social selling is as easy as measuring social media’s impact on sales in 2017. This became crystal clear to me as I was talking last week with a colleague who also works with B2B companies wishing to leverage social...

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Importance of Content Marketing

Where’s the frontier of content marketing in 2017? Listening to the experts, it is clearly in connecting longer-form content to the right audience.  This is according to Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. Recently he discussed his most recent project, Medium, with...

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Putting Social First– Our 2017 Marketing Plan

I was so impressed by our 2017 marketing plan; I’ve decided to post it online in this blog! While this may be a big tip-off to our competition, I think by publishing it, others can benefit from our thinking and experience. Strategy #1: We can’t do everything. While...

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