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Stop Hiring Sales People!

Sales is a bedeviling problem for startups, mid-size and Enterprise companies. Whether a company has an established sales force or is just making the leap to start one, the common problem exists: Sales teams are told to ‘go sell’ regardless of whether a target market...

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Will Social Selling Work for Your Sales Force?

Social selling or leveraging the personal social media of a sales force to sell, has become a bit of an inevitability in a sales world dominated by new buzzwords like ABS (account-based selling), lead automation and sales digitization. But the question at hand is not...

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The Social Executive—3 Reasons to get on Board

As a leader or executive, social media looks very different. It can be a hole in the armor where unwanted requests and disturbance filter in. But the best executives in business today are leveraging social media to work for them. With confidence and a little help,...

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Thought Horizon Quarterly Business Update

We had a chance to catch up with Sander Biehn, co-founder and US CEO for Thought Horizon to ask about what’s new at Thought Horizon. Here is a condensed version of Sander’ answers.   What’s new in 2018? Lots of new things and I am proud to say that many of them are...

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Gaining Traction with Video Content

Video content of varying quality has rushed onto the web trying to grab eyeballs in an escalated game of content marketing. B2B brands of all types are jumping in where they previously feared to tread.  Why? The answer is twofold. First, the stakes have risen for B2B...

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Can Content Increase Your Revenues?

Content can increase revenues when a consistent and thoughtful message is presented in an understandable way for a specific audience on social media.  So why aren’t more brands executing on a deliberate content plan? What stops companies from capitalizing on content...

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Addressing Skepticism and Resistance with Content

Anyone who has spent time on a sales call with actual customers knows there is a natural market resistance to buying your products and services.  While the reasons for this resistance vary from company to company, there never seems to be enough time to address it...

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3 Places Your Content Needs to Align

Getting a consistent message across your B2B enterprise is imperative, if not easy. Often different departments are creating their own content with their own priorities and slant.  Trying to get a single message to the public under every banner of the business is...

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B2B Success Formula: Focus on Marketing

Marketing and Sales are the two thorniest areas for any B2B business to master. Even companies that have been in business for 100 years are finding sales and marketing in 2018 daunting. Why? Digital has disrupted age-old models. Sticking with the status quo is just...

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